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Shout out to Steve Waltman for the honest &impartial reviews.

Anatomy Of A Big Lou Guitar

*Thank you Steve Waltman for these honest, impartial reviews of the Big Lou Cobra and Roadster

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Larry K

Big Lou Cobra wide neck guitar

Larry Kunkel from Alberta Canada sent us this cool video. Here is is playing a Big Lou Cobra. He's so smooth. Made me jealous!

Lily and Dad

Playing Rise Up at the Girl Scouts meeting

My daughter Lily asked me to play guitar while she played the piano. She was going for her "piano badge" at the Girl Scouts meeting. The Big Lou made this "gig" easier for me. It's not about the skill level. It's about having a great experience, with my kids. I absolutely loved playing for her. I hope she keeps asking me. - Big Lou

JC Recasas

Big Lou Cobra Demo

Here is JC Recasas showing off those lightning fast fingers on a Big Lou Cobra.

What People Are Saying

Hi Lou,
Wanted to let you know that I did get the guitar and have been enjoying playing it.. I am playing a lot better with that wide neck and was told that I have improved greatly since I got it, I actually have room to correct minor mistakes now and nobody notices where before everyone knew when my finger placement wasn’t exact.
I already want another one….

“The neck is very comfortable. I am a big man (6’8″) with big hands. I have been mainly an Acoustic player for 30 years and Bryant & I have an acoustic duo,we recently started a country/rock/blues band playin all originals and I needed a good electric to fit the purpose and your guitar has a good tone and the neck is even making me play properly as far as hand position. The guitar is very comfortable as far weight and balance.”

By the way, I forgot to tell ya how much I like the Roadster. Looks and sounds great. A novice like me can even tell.

Hi Louis, I picked the Guitar up from the international mail centre this morning, have tuned it and had a play already, very impressed, a lot easier for me to play.

YES! I replied yesterday. It is awesome!! I haven’t had time yet to compare it to my acoustic yet. I need to add a guitar hanger next to the bed for it, it’s leaned against the wall right now. Thanks again!

I have received the guitar, everything seems to be in order. Width of neck is great. Can’t wait to see the difference after a few months of practicing on this thing. Going to make a review of it because I didn’t find one when I was looking. I took a chance on an unknown name, and can say I don’t regret it.

I managed to fit the neck in the Stratocaster body and finished to guitar. It sounds really great. I notice the guitar is more sensitive/responsive than any of my other guitars.

The guitar is great! Here is a picture of Josiah and his Dad, who is teaching him to play. Josiah’s Dad is fabulous on the guitar, and has wanted to teach Josiah, but Josiah is left-handed, and has the hands of a fighter. That has made things challenging UNTIL your guitar came along. Thank you so much!!!! 🙂 Fran

(Hopefully the picture comes out. It was taken with a phone, and I’m not all that tech-savvy.)

Will do Lou, I’m a ham after all :). Just got my new guitar and I cant say I like it……I LOVE IT! Right out of the box I hit my first clean A Chord which is a miracle for me in it self. What a comfy fit man! This is going to crank up my learning curve big time! Me and my instructor thank you! My fingers no longer feel like I’m trying to cram them in their! I do have a noob question for you though, the plastic wrapping around the top an bottom pickups, does that stay on or come off?
Big Lou Guitars are even better than advertised and I will be spreading the word around the gorilla handed guitar guys around Wichita!
Thanks so much,

By the way, I forgot to tell ya how much I like the Roadster. Looks and sounds great. A novice like me can even tell.

Thank you kindly for updating me, regarding the 2 guitars that I have ordered. I shall gladly let you know when I am in receipt of my guitars. I purchased a Cobra from you, some months back and I am delighted with this product! I feel like I have spent years trying to play guitars, that didn’t even fit me! Ha ha! :0)
Just to let you know, there is usually a 2 week delay, when the guitars arrive in the UK. This is due to British Customs And Excise. It is necessary to pay an import tax, before receiving the goods. Like I don’t already pay enough taxes, as it is! Ha ha! :0)

I would also like to mention, that the service your company provides is excellent! You show a genuine interest in your customers and that is priceless! Thank you very much!

I finally got around to fitting that neck I purchased from you. Took a bit of time to re-model the fitting, but I got there in the end.

Very pleased with the result. Managed to get it to play quite low and, having had a quick strum, it plays really well, much easier to form chord shapes without buzzing. The maple neck looks very smart and a nice variation from the normal rosewood.

I’ve enclosed a photo, sorry it isn’t very good – I’ll try and get some better ones when I get the chance.

It isn’t fully finished yet – I’ve not put all the screws back because I hope to do some upgrades – better tuners and pups. But that will have to wait until my contract ends at Xmas (it was extended from Sept). I have, also, not given up on the idea of selling your guitars here in the UK. I’d like to start off with a few to test the market. So, could you give me a quote for 3 off of your strat style guitars, including shipping.

My guitar got here Louis and I’m delighted with her! Had to pay a bit of import duty, but that’s normal…..well worth it! I string heavy but this guitar soaks it up beautifully. Couldn’t be more pleased.
Many thanks. Nigel

I received my new Roadster yesterday afternoon. It was in very good condition from the shipping and was VERY nicely packaged. When I opened the package and took out the guitar I have to admit it was every bit as beautiful as you describe on your website.

I tuned it and started to play it, and it was wonderful. My fingers have only a little landing properly, and that will work out with practice. I can’t tell you how pleased and happy I am with this guitar, this purchase, and with this whole experience. You guys are very easy to work with and very responsive. My heartfelt THANKS goes out to each and evey one of you. Bless you, and thank you for helping me solve a long-time problem and realize an even longer-held dream of playing guitar in a band.

With my most heartfelt gratitude,

Ron Horacek

It’s not a vanity shot, but here I am with the strat and the Big Lou neck mounted (look at those giant hands ;-)).
Plays pretty good, too.

Squier Bullet body (originally HH)
Dragonfire HSS pickguard
Wilkinson EZ Lok tuners (note the lack of string trees)
Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings

..and of course..

Big Lou 2″ wide nut neck

The guitar (Magnum) you sent arrived last week. I haven’t had time to do a complete set up, but I thought you might be interested in my preliminary assessment. So, the guitar looks great, feels great, plays great and sounds great. The neck width is perfect. Finally, a man’s guitar! Thank you!

Paul Lucas bought this Big Lou Roadster for his good friend (shown below), who also goes by the name “Big Lou”. Big Lou reportedly loves it. This is a pretty big man. If he doesn’t play good, no one is going to tell him……..Sounds good brother!

Hi Louis,
The Cobra arrived today. She looks good. Plugged it in all is working fine. Love the feel of the neck. I think this is going to work out. I need to work on electric guitar technique now. I’m an acoustic guy at heart. Anyway, I’ll give you some feedback in a couple weeks once I get to know her.
Thanks, Bob

Dear Louis, I have to tell you, ever since getting my Big Lou guitar, my guitar skills have elevated. I play very fast and when we do that, we tend to make mistakes. Since playing my wide neck guitar, whenever i switch over to play an ordinary 1-5/8 neck, my fingers and hands seem to lightning bolt across the fretboard as if it was a toy guitar. I think this is happening because my FOCUS is already there, since ive been playing the wide neck i hadnt been struggling with certain chord shape changes and when switching over to a basic neck nut guitar, that concentration and confidence switches over as well because the wide neck provides this attitude…I noticed as fast as i play my mistakes are kept at a minimum, because your brain tricks you into thinking your playing a wider neck. This is absolutely awesome!….This wide neck should be introduced to beginers, because the struggle would be less and confidence would rise quickly. Forgive my overkill of this, but i feel like ive added years to my playing. We all know how patience and skill level are achieved with years of experience. you can learn songs and techniques, but only experience can make you methodical and accurate, it feels like im cheating, battling certain techniques for years and finally i get it……Your a Genius, Keep up the great work!…Faithfully Donny…

I have been playing a Les Paul for 40 years. I broke my ring finger on my Left Hand back in 1976. I’ve been able to overcome that for most of those years, but the last year or so my finger has gotten bigger. Seems to be stable now, but I was looking for a guitar that would sound like a Les Paul with a wider neck. I bought the Big Lou Roadster based on the reviews on your site. I had some fairly minor work done on the frets, but I’ve had that done on my Les Paul too. Anyway, I really like this guitar and I’m now able to play open chords near the Nut again. I also like the fact that it’s a couple of pounds lighter than my Les Paul. Anyway, I really like this guitar. The tone is similar to my Les Paul and I have gotten a lot of compliments on the looks of it. I would recommend this guitar to anyone that needs a wider neck on their electric guitar. Thanks. – Gary Ward

I am a 37 year old guitar virgin who has always wanted to play guitar like every other member of my family. Over the years, I have tried and quit the guitar more often then most people have quit smoking.
My parents here in Michigan recently purchased one of your units for me. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am of your product. I may never live my dream of being a country star, but for the first time in my life, I can put one finger on only one string. My wife often says I need a hobby, and thanks to your product, I have one.

Louis – It was a cold, grey, windy day at LaVonne Guitar in Savage, Mn today. My wife got the best picture she could. Hope you like it. Love the guitar, everything about it is excellent! The folks at Lavonne Guitar did a great job on the set up, and were super to work with. Thanks again for all your help! – Steve Lamke

Hi Lou,

The guitar (left hand Cobra) arrived yesterday. It was well packaged, and looked great right out of the box. It is a quality instrument with a beautiful appearance and has great tone.

Everything you told me about your guitars on the phone and on the website is true. I noticed the difference of the wide nut design immediately. It is far easier to play with my big “mitts,” and I know it is going to be fun seeing what I can do with “a little more room.” Many Thanks!

Andy Coleman

This is Scott. Here is a pic with my new Big Lou.
All I can say is WOW, SWEET and it sure has heleped my playing!!! I can make all the chords now! With this big lou wide fretboard it is a cake walk. If you ever wanted to play guitar or have tried to play and just couldnt seem to get it down try a Big Lou You will get it down and you will play!!

Thanks a bunch Big Lou. Humm I dont see a Les Paul Lefty Hint Hint

Louis, THANK YOU!!! I got the Big Lou’s Friday night and it is SO nice to play a guitar with out my hands cramping up. The guitars are just gorgeous and I think they are made better than the new Gibsons they are putting out right now, total junk!! I was even surprised how well the pickups sounded and I am a real stickler on pickups, do you know what brand they are?
But again, Thanks!!


I thought I’d get back to you. I bought one of your fantastic Rebels this morning from Evesham Music, UK.

Can I say that your craftsmen in China do a fantastic job? The instruments have a real handmade feel to them. (Maybe it would be good to pass on the compliment to them – they’re hard working fellows!)

Also, I’d like to commend Phil and Nikki, the proprietors of Evesham Music. You couldn’t have chosen two nicer people for your UK franchise. I know he’s a perfectionist, and probably gives you some stick about quality control, but he really does a wonderful job of promoting and selling your guitars!

On to the guitar. As I explained, I’m a little, scrawny old guy with small hands, but I’m a finger-picker and the way one’s right hand just falls onto the wider string spacings is a dream. It’s great to pitch your guitar range at the big guy market, but to broaden its appeal I think you could emphasize the benefits of the wider spacing for finger pickers, banjo-style frailing and clawhammer. Finger picking runs are a dream, and after all you’re based in the good ol’ US of A, the home of such styles.

A good thing would be to get some decent country player up on a video on your site – yes, you’d have to pay him but well, you must have a marketing budget!

Anyway, I’d be happy to endorse your ‘geetars’ any time and good luck in boosting your world wide sales. Phil will help you on the way!

All the best, scrawny old UK guitar picker, Johnnie Boy Dillon!

big lou guitar arrived to-day, (australia) plugged her in, and i am very happy. so happy in fact
i am saving for another one. thank you so much for your help in getting me one to aus. i really do appreciate it. i have a friend who is also interested.
thanks again. keith.

Lou, I could not resist the temptation to “Hot Rod” my Big Lou Roadster. I added Entwistle Nemesis AFG pickups, A Resomax Tailpiece, all new electronics including 1-meg CTS volume pots, 300 k CTS tone pots, a Graph Tech nut, and a set of Curt Mangan pure nickel 10-46 strings. I really liked this guitar before I did the work, and now it’s by far my favorite guitar. Unbelievable sound and volume!

Hi Phil. Got the (Big Lou) guitar & absolutely love it! The extra string spacing makes a big difference for me with chord shapes. Would just like to say thank you to you & Evesham Music for making the whole buying process so easy. Thanks. Colin J