What We Do

How to make a great electric guitar:

First, you find an group of experts that have over a decade of hands on eperience making guitars. Then you give them a great design. and ask for quality, regardless of cost. We found our partner in China. This team makes us proud. Our american design and specifications has been brought to life, at a price our customers can afford.

Sourcing & Factory Photos

About manufacturing in China

Here at LC Enterprises, we’ve been partnering with factories in China for almost a decade. The simple reason, is to reduce the cost of our products. China has the ability to turn out cheap, low quality products, and also more expensive high quality products. The final quality level depends upon what the buyer asks for. As an importer, we are the buyer. If we ask for “a low price”, we get a low price, with lower quality. If we ask for high quality, we get it, at a higher cost.. When it comes to guitars, we ask for high quality. The cost will still be low enough. The good money exchange rate, and lower chinese wages all contribute to an affordable cost. So, there is no reason to compromise the quality of a guitar.

The group of craftsmen at our factory is second to none. They have all the experience of any guitar maker in the world. We are proud of our ability to seek out the best craftmen, and produce a high quality product, at an affordable price. The Big Lou, wide nut electric guitar represents a product that we are proud to place our name on, and we are certain that our customers will like our design. Especially the bigger guitar players with larger hands and fingers.

Got Size

If you want to play great, you need to start with the right equipment.. The Big Lou was designed for the bigger guys, who have bigger fingers.